Monday, July 14, 2008

This resonated a bit too much for comfort...

I am NOT having a midlife crisis!

But he's right... I've wanted a convertible since I was about 8... I may be able to afford one my next car (if I can afford the gas). If I buy a car I've wanted for over 30 years, is it a midlife crisis if I can finally afford it? "Losing a few pounds" used to mean skipping desserts and going easy on the fried stuff for a few days; now it takes a bit more effort. So if I try to do something to stay healthy and looking reasonably good (as much as I've ever looked), is it a midlife crisis if it takes more effort than it used to?

If I'd dyed my hair for 20 years, continuing to do so might not mean anything... If I took it up at this stage, it might be different.

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