Saturday, August 25, 2007

Friday, August 24, 2007

More harm than good

The surge is continuing. And is driving the partition of Iraq:

Despite some evidence that the troop buildup has improved security in certain areas, sectarian violence continues and American-led operations have brought new fighting, driving fearful Iraqis from their homes at much higher rates than before the tens of thousands of additional troops arrived...
But the problems are being caused by people who oppose the war. Just like in Vietnam.


What a week. Last-minute room changes. Dying laptops. Recalcitrant network connections. Misconfigured servers. Uncooperative thermostats. Nonexistent projectors. Filled-to-capacity rooms.

Just another semester underway.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

T-Minus and holding

Still a few preparations for the start of classes. Unfortunately, they demand the use of the new podcasting software we're getting on campus. It was supposed to go live Friday. No sign of it yet.

And so it goes.

Played for fools

As it turns out, when Democrats caved last month because the regime Administration demanded an extension of wiretapping powers, there was some extra language slipped in. Language that dramatically expanded those powers.

But remember, the Democrats had no choice. If they didn't pass the legislation the regime Administration wanted, the Republicans would call them names.

And so the 22%-approval administration continues to act like royalty, and the people elected to stop it show their cowardice.