Monday, July 14, 2008

Media Watch Update

Nothing in the NY Times, Washington Post, or CNN this morning about the bribes-for-access story.

Has this regime made such an art form of corruption that something like that isn't even news anymore?

Update: Pam's House Blend, AmericaBlog, and (of all places) Princess Sparkle Pony have picked this up. Possibly some others as well; Pam has an update on her site suggesting the blogs are starting to pick up on this. But nothing from the mass media yet.


Princess Sparkle Pony said...

Why the "of all places"?

KCProgramr said...

Hmmm.... good question. Mostly, I think, that I was in full-umbrage mode, and hadn't thought through that if it involves anything Condilicious, of course you'd mention it. (Besides, your blog is many things, but you don't spend a lot of time doing umbrage.) So it was a surprise when I saw your post.

By the way, I'm a fan & daily reader of your blog. Thanks for stopping by; sometimes it feels like I'm talking to myself...