Friday, August 10, 2007

Shut up and get to the back of the bus

The guest bloggers over at Sullivan's are arguing that gay marriage isn't attainable, and pushing it for it is unwise. What's important is equal legal treatment, not the word.

I agree that the reality is more important than the word. BUT: The word (or its absence) is being used to deny civil-unioned and domestic-partnered couples visitation rights, insurance coverage, Social Security survivor benefits, and other privileges the heterosexual majority takes for granted. Employees in New Jersey are being told the insurance and pension plans are covered by federal regulations, and the federal regulations say "married," not "civil-unioned" or "domestic-partnered."

During the 1960s, many whites argued that blacks were pushing too hard, were chasing goals that weren't attainable, that they should focus on more limited goals first. The eternal argument: "Yes, you should have equal rights, but it's hard, and people don't like change, so wait a little longer and be grateful for the minuscule progress you've made. In the fullness of time, someday, you'll have equal rights, just not today."


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