Saturday, August 11, 2007

SCO and Unix

The news is all over the place by now, of course, that Novell actually holds the copyrights to UNIX, which means that SCO's demands for licensing revenue, per-seat fees, and whatever else they can get away with... well, it just took a hit below the waterline.

It's not over yet, not completely. But SCO's theory of the case (which has shifted several times) is currently that it's all about copyrights. Well, they don't own the copyrights.

And Novell has the right to tell SCO not to try to enforce Novell's copyrights for them.

Oh, and SCO owes Novell a bunch of license fees for past UNIX installations they sold.

It's going to be fun watching SCO's stock sink the rest of the way to zero.

Update: Once again, Illiad nails it.

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