Saturday, July 21, 2007

I wonder if Jesus told them to do this....

It's not just the petition fraud that bothers me, it's the stupid petition fraud.

(Cincinnati, Ohio) A Republican lawmaker behind an unsuccessful bid to repeal Cincinnati's ordinance protecting gays from discrimination has been accused of knowing names to get the issue onto the ballot in 2006 were fraudulent.

Two women working on behalf of Equal Rights Not Special Rights have pleaded guilty to election falsification.

State Rep. Tom Brinkman, who was the head of the organization was never charged, but at a hearing the judge in the case suggested he was involved and knew that Lois Mingo, 48, and Precilla Ward, 32, had falsified the petitions by crossing out names and addresses of signers and replacing them with addresses of registered voters in order to make them appear valid.


Among the phony signatures were "Fidel Castro" and Cincinnati Reds owner "Bob Castellini."

I mean, really, people, if you're going to put phony names on a petition, at least put believable names. Fidel Castro? He's not even a Republican....

It truly annoys some people that the law protects people they don't even like, doesn't it?

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