Saturday, May 11, 2013

Roger Ebert, dead for months, still does not fear death

Shortly after his diagnosis, Roger Ebert wrote an essay for entitled "I do not fear death." As essays go, it wasn't bad. Thought provoking. The comments thread degenerated into a bible-beater vs militant atheist snarkfest, but Ebert can't be blamed for that.

The week he died, the article was pulled back onto the front.

And the week after that.

And the week after that.

And about every two weeks since. It wasn't there yesterday, but it's back up today.

I get that it's a good essay... but why is it still being dragged to the front page months after he died? Salon's published better essays than this. They've published more important essays than this.

What demented click-whoring algorithm keeps dragging up this out of date essay? We may never know.

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