Thursday, December 18, 2008

What's the price going to be?

John A. cites anonymous but allegedly inside sources that the decision to invite Rick Warren came from Obama himself, that this wasn't from Feinstein or a staffer. Assume for the moment that's true.

Part of why Obama's felt free to disregard the left is that they gave him their support cheaply. As Congressional Democrats have demonstrated repeatedly, when there's no penalty, no price to be paid, for disregarding your concerns.... your concerns get disregarded a whole lot.

So. What's the price going to be? What sort of concession is going to be demanded? Early action on DADT? Federal recognition of state-level domestic partnerships? It should be something more than just some speechifyin'. He wouldn't have to devote his entire first term to LGBT issues--the Inauguration invocation, while a big deal, isn't an earth-shaker--but there has to be something.

And if he isn't held to it, made to pay a price for going out of his way to insult a constituency--then that constituency has no one and nothing but itself to blame.

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blueowlboy said...

Truly, it mystifies me. I know Obama wants to reach out... but, still.

I do believe if we can't find a way to open a dialogue with religious fundamentalists at home, we can't possibly find a way to talk to them abroad. And yet...

An invitation to invoke is not an endorsement, and I don't think it could possibly be seen as that, but why give him the platform? He certainly doesn't need it.

The choice stings. And stinks.