Sunday, August 31, 2008

Snarky Atheist Video of the Day

Why God Seems Nonexistent.

Nothing brilliantly original here, but well-executed.

And check the comments out. Poe's law still holds: No matter how over the top it is, someone will take it seriously.

[Hat tip: PZ Myers]


Neal said...

Is this video genuine or a satire? I honestly cannot tell. Fundamentalist Christians will go through all sorts of irrational thought processes to believe what they believe, so this is conceivably a genuine video. I am just curious. Thank you.

KCProgramr said...

This person has done others; it's tongue in cheek. Though from the comments, it's obvious some people aren't getting it and really are taking it seriously. (At least, I saw it as parody... I suppose it's also possible I'm giving more credit than is due. But if that's really supposed to persuade...argh.)