Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Why is this blogger surprised?

Andrew Sullivan is amazed at the thunderous silence from right-wing blogs on the news that the Bush regime knowingly copied torture techniques from the Chinese Communists:

It's an astonishing story - especially for any anti-Communist conservative who fought the good fight during the Cold War. But they won't mention it. I guess when a Republican administration copies communists, conservative writers need to copy Stalinists.
Hmmm... Would Stalinists ignore it, or denounce it? I'm not sure about the historical precedent here... But really, a lack of reaction shouldn't be surprising. The evidence is pretty solid, so it can't be spun away.

But the right has so committed itself to the idea that The Leader Can Do No Wrong (as long as he's a Republican) that they can't admit any mistake or weakness on the Leader's part. And admitting that they may have been mistaken about that leader? Even worse, because that would be "flip-flopping." Because, of course, the strength of your convictions is shown in how firmly you hold on to them, in spite of all evidence to the contrary. Or something.

It's disappointing. And depressing. But not surprising.

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