Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This is scary...

I actually find myself agreeing with Roland Martin, who can usually be counted on to present weak rationalizations for absurd ideas. But this time he's actually come to a "right" conclusion, i.e. one I agree with. And his reasoning is pretty much on target.

With everything that's going on in the world, the question of a flag lapel pin is about the weakest of all possible rationales... and of course, there's an incredible ridiculous double standard.

I've watched this debate reach the levels of absurdity this year because journalists and commentators have raised the question to Sen. Barack Obama, "Why don't you wear a flag lapel pin?"

I really got a kick out of that one during the ABC debate last month because not one person on stage -- Sens. Hillary Clinton and Obama, along with moderators Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos -- bothered to accessorize their attire with a flag lapel pin.

Sen. John McCain has been traveling the globe as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, and this former soldier often doesn't wear a flag lapel pin.

I wonder why John McCain hates America so much?

Those who will criticize me will say, "Well, Roland, if it's no big deal, then why not wear one?" And the reply is the same: "If it's no big deal, then why do you make it a big deal?"

Because, as he points out, that's what zealots do. They pick a small issue, declare it to be the side of all that is right and virtuous and true, and demand that everyone else conform to their narrow vision, ignoring everything else.

[I]f there are members of Congress who wear a flag lapel pin but refuse to shore up our borders, don't do enough to stop the flow of drugs into our neighborhoods, or don't help to eradicate the gaps between the haves and have nots, then are they truly fighting for the concerns of Americans, or playing on the emotions of people by what's on their lapel?

What he said.

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