Monday, August 13, 2007

From the "yeah but..." dept...

Andrew Sullivan gets excited thinking about Huckabee as the vice-presidential candidate:

All of them - Giuliani, Romney, McCain, FThompson - will have problems with the Christianist core of the GOP. Hillary will only bring out so many base Republicans. Putting Huckabee on their ticket would go a long way to encouraging more to emerge from their nooks. He's also a press fave, which can only help a GOP in a popular mire. And he has a sense of humor and genial demeanor, which are key for any candidate running on morality.
Well, yeah. If you overlook the fact the he's a total loon. Of course, this is the GOP we're talking about, where being a loon not only isn't a handicap, it can be a positive asset. So maybe he's on to something after all.

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