Monday, July 30, 2007

And thou art commanded, go forth and make a buck.

So we're about to see a range of "faith-based" action figures hit the store shelves....

"If you go in a toy aisle in any major retailer, you will see toys and dolls that promote and glorify evil, destruction, lying, cheating.

"In the girls' aisle where the dolls would be, you see dolls that are promoting promiscuity to very young girls. Dolls will have very revealing clothes on, G-string underwear."

Given that the book of Genesis, by itself, contains a disturbing amount of violence, with murder, rape, girls seducing their father while he's drunk, lying, treachery, obliteration of entire cities, etc., etc., I'm not sure it's such a great comparison.

I particularly like the illustration with the story, showing a smiling Daniel-action-figure and smiling lion-action-figure. Obviously, we're not going to tell the kids how that little episode ended, with the accusers (who accurately reported Daniel was breaking civil law, which he was; a stupid law, maybe, but the law all the same), and their wives, and their children, were tossed into the lion's den, where they were promptly killed and devoured. Wheee! What a wonderful story for the kids!

Oh, but we don't tell the kids that part of the story, because they're not old enough to understand. Apparently not old enough to understand what cruel, sadistic, semi-pornographic documents the holy books are.

No, I'm not an atheist; not entirely. But I'm no literalist, and don't see how any thinking or feeling person can read those texts and not be repulsed.

I've got a few other reservations as well... what's going to happen when Daniel moves in next door to Barbie, and how Ken's going to feel about it...

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